Quality Policy

Baltic Technology Group strategy is high quality enterprise level services. Our development and implementation processes are based on ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 20000 standard requirements.

Quality assurance is realized as a process integrated in all project stages and in all levels. We use workflow strategy which assures performance, risks identification, fluent processes and best quality of services. CRM, project management, client support software systems help us to implement this strategy fluently in our company processes.

Services Quality Assurance:

  • Services delivery on time and cost as planed;
  • Functionality as planned;
  • Quality control during development process;
  • Quality control in accordance with project documentation;
  • Software testing with certificated test cases;
  • Identification of responsibilities;
  • Client possibilities to take a part in project development stages.

We improving our workflow and its requirements more than 7 years. We also put a lot of attention to security, team competency and final product quality.

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