B2B ecommerce solutions 

B2B eCommerce Solutions

Business-to-Business (B2B) eCommerce functionality is quite similar to B2C. However, B2B ecommerce has a wide range of specific features required exceptionally for B2B. When planning B2B ecommerce solution, it is essential to understand how it differs from B2C solution; how B2B buyers expectations differs from B2C buyers.

Many Business-to-Business enterprises are developed on customers loyalty, constantly purchases and in larger amounts. Online ecommerce changes some fundamentals of B2B trade, but still leaves many differences.

What important functions are in B2B eCommerce?

  • Pricing - multilevel price lists per customer, customer segmentation. Price selection by quantity, by currency or even by custom business pricing strategy. More than 50%3 of B2B customers loyalty is based on pricing personalisation;
  • Business account - with multiple users per account and with multiple roles over single client (organisation). About 65%2 of B2B purchases include at least two decision makers;
  • Order workflows - order approval and backordering, purchase and credit limits, post payment, long life basket and other limitations agreement;
  • Quoting - ability to submit a quote, request for special ordering or manufacturing;
  • Quick ordering - reorder or ordering using prepared templates, bulk ordering with SKU, CSV order upload;
  • Extended product information - storage amount, delivery/manufacturing time, packing size, units of measurement, dimensions, technical information;
  • Enhanced search - supports alternative codes, barcodes, part numbers. Much more attention on search results. 76%4 of B2B buyers rate "Enhanced search" list as one of the top three features;
  • Data export - API, XML interfaces to exchange data between Your B2B ecommerce and third-party ERP systems;

Advanced features of successful B2B ecommerce

  • Configurable Price Quotes/Ordering - If you sell complex or highly customized products, you'll know that the sales process is often lengthy and time-consuming. Ordering wizards and product configurators simplifies selling customised products. Powerful product configurator that understands your entire product range and translates customer requirements into the best product offer available with accurate pricing.
  • Manager work place (MWP) - B2C business sells and delivers customer order instantly. B2B sale often is a complex process. Order splitting is quite a common case. MWP should offer the possibility to manage product amount reservations from different warehouses, procurement and/or pre-ordered sales management. Automatically generated packing lists, documents for customs, proposals, pick-up lists and other documents are important features of B2B e-commerce. 
  • Warehouse and procurement - launching B2B ecommerce in a single platform with the warehouse, procurement or CRM provides a wide range of effective business management solutions. It reduces processing times by 20%, and investment on complex system integration. To provide tangible results, demands for B2B online ecommerce operations are much higher than of B2C. 
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and reports - B2C ecommerce performance is measured mostly by effective marketing and conversion rate. B2B e-commerce is designed for constant sales in high volumes. Seeking for better results, B2B company management focuses on customers, products and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Integrated BI and reporting solutions provide real time analytics for timely and profitable decisions.  

Benefits of using DATALOGIC eCommerce for B2B

DATALOGIC eCommerce is a part of business software suite. It has all basic features of ecommerce and also well designed, advanced features for B2B ecommerce solutions. DATALOGIC Content Management System (CMS) allows creating custom design public portal, with well-arranged information. Software supports localisation, mobile adoption and other trending ecommerce features that go with enterprise level functions like warehouse and supply management. 

What we can offer for B2B ecommerce?

We are DATALOGIC Software developers, customizing and developing B2B ecommerce more than 7 years. Solutions with special business needs is out main services part. We can analyze business processes and design B2B online sales business model. Also have strong experience on systems integration: not only payments channel, delivery but ERP systems like Microsoft Navision, Epicor eScala, 1C.

Our services involves full infrastructure services including server support, configuration, custom design development, system maintenance. 

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