B2B systems for Wholesalers

  • Products catalogue
  • Loyalty programs
  • 24/7/365 shopping
  • Clients management
  • Integration possibilities
  • Fast customer service
  • Detail information
  • Automatizuoti procesai
  • Lower costs

Wholesalers often says that they have difficulties with:

  • Clients information management;
  • Payment delays and credit control;
  • "Dictation" for the managers;
  • Customer booms in ordering or in warehouse;
  • Extra costs for paper catalogues preparation, printing and distributing ;
  • Huge and always growing up manager costs;
  • Poorly informed customers about supply and prices;
  • Possibility of loyalty programs
  • Poor and hard shares, sell-out promotion;
B2B systems can solve these problems. These systems allow for your clients to find and buy everything by themselves. The core of B2B systems for wholesalers is e-shop. This is simple solution - every client can buy from any geo place, at any time. Integration with ERP systems, logistic companies, banks - cpuld make all operations are fluent and continuous. As a result, the company saves finances, reduced costs and the increasing number of orders and this does not require additional staff.

B2B systems for wholesalers are also useful for:

  • Personal clients pricing possibilities;
  • Multilingual;
  • Fluent business processes;
  • Automation of manual work;
  • Retail possibilities;

Baltic Technology Group has more than 5 years experience in business systems development. Business analysis and good technologies architecture helps us to create effective solutions. We have systems with more than 80 000 items and uses more than 2000 users every day. Our software has more than 300 components which ensures various business needs and good implementation.
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