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Business-to-Customer (B2C) eCommerce solutions

B2C eCommerce it is type of eCommerce than peoples use it personally and buys things and services for own use. In most media and articles it is not highlighted with B2C prefix. We providing B2B and B2C ecommerce development services which are quite different - more about B2B here.

What are important features for successful ecommerce?

  • Custom design - it one of most important parts in B2C sales. Many people make purchases effected by good experience, reliability from first view. 
  • Flexibility in UX - many online clients came first time to you online shop and you need to lead them up to payment process. Simple and intuitive functions here is very important. Even you have very good products, competitive price, this not guarantee sale.
  • Orders management - don't forget that online means 24/7. You eshop works 24/7, but are you quite fast in orders processing? Here is many processes like delivery, packing, invoicing, procurement even manufacturing which need to manage and sometimes directly and seamless with you ecommerce.
  • Navigation and filtering - most of time spent on ecommerce website is for finding products and information. Filtering and navigation features must be useful and provide accurate as possible.
  • Promotions and discounts - gift and discount vouchers are many common pricing features. But here is many more promotions like free delivery, products collections, "buy one get one" and many more. Here need to be creative and have wide range possibilities.
  • Marketing tools - marketing is important of every business specially for sales. Online marketing covers many features including. Need content marketing, SEO and other tools.

What are benefits to use DATALOGIC eCommerce?

DATALOGIC eCommerce is a part of business software suite. It has many features of ecommerce and can be used with warehouse management, procurement and BI management solutions in single platform. It is enterprise level software and ecommerce module is just a part of it.

  • Content Management System (CMS) - sometimes content management features in ecommerce is quite poor and forgotten. But often it is important specially in content marketing, SEO.
  • Integrations - DATALOGIC software is well designed to integrate not only just with payments channel, delivery but also with ERP systems like Microsoft Navision, Epicor eScala, 1C or other third party systems.
  • Customization - software flexibility allows to create any type of ecommerce. Even if no traditional basket, purchase steps or etc.
  • Warehouse and procurement - DATALOGIC software is business development framework and supports warehouse, procurement, BI management in seamless system.

Our benefits in eCommerce solutions

We are developers of ecommerce and business management solutions. We working with ecommerce more than 8 years and have professionals for full ecommerce services package. 

  • Customization - one of our services strength is custom systems development including ecommerce. We have big experience in business analysis, development, maintenance and support.
  • Integration - our experience is mostly with solutions development for business which often have integration challenges. Have experience with complex integrations, full process between systems and devices.
  • Business management solutions - DATALOGIC software allows us to provide full business management solution development and we are exploiting this benefit. Solution from single vendor and in single platform provides synergy for small and medium enterprises.

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